What the Bleep Do You Know?


what the bleep

Here is a test of your perception of reality, what the bleep do you know about who is doing what?  So without further ado, let’s proceed with a test of perception.  I expect the readers of this site to get high scores.

1.  Who did 911?

2.  Who owns the Federal Reserve?

3.  Who controlled the slave ships that brought the black slaves to America?

4.  Who controls Hollywood and the porn industry?

5. Which world religion is really a crime syndicate?

6.  Who controls the foreign policy of the United States?

7.  Who is actually behind the New World Order?

8.  Who is the most probable suspect of the JFK assassination?

9.  Which world leader did our Congress give record standing ovations?

10. Which lobby group is consider the most powerful and which nation do they represent?

11.  What are the names of the seven persons that own and control 96% of the US media, what is their common association?

12.  Who’s mindset was behind the atomic bomb and its use?

13.  Which nation is using nuclear bombs on a regular basis and as a tool of foreign policy?

14.  Who sabotaged Fukushima nuclear facility?  For what reason?

15.  Why are so many Christians willing soldiers of United States foreign policy?

16.  Is the Bible the word of God?

17.  Is the first book of the Bible, Genesis, true?

18.  Who was the first primary author of the New Testament (NT)?

19.  Who or what do the twelve apostles represent in the NT?

20.  Why was Jesus born on December 25th like the other sun gods?

21.  Why do non-Jews need a savior?

22.  Can someone die on the cross for your sins?

23.  Who owns your subconscious mind when you believe the New Testament construct of reality?

25.  Why are humans the only specie that believes in the afterlife?

26.  Why do humans believe in god or gods?

27.  Can god talk to you?

28.  Where does god(s) live?  Where exactly is heaven?

29.  Does god give us commandments or set our morality?

30.  Do Jews deserve the death sentence for their crimes against the peoples of the world?

31.  Does Judaism need to be outlawed and do the Jewish holy books need to be banned?

32.  Should Israel be destroyed, bombed, or nuked?

33.  What should we do about the Palestinian situation?

34. How many Jews died in the Holocaust?


Answers published  here: 




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