America is Wide Open to Terrorism



When you speak of the War on Terror, remember it is really the Jew War of Terror on the world.  There’s one slight miscalculation with this Jewish controlled USA program of relentless terror, America is vulnerable with no way of stopping real terrorism if it ever comes here.  It is very strange that those nations destroyed by the beast haven’t come here to retaliate.  America keeps bombing nation after nation and you’d think that the opponent of Jew tyranny would retaliate on the Jew manufacturing stronghold.

The Real Terrorists Are Jews

Jews practice terror wherever they go, whether they are cooking and eating Goyim children in secret Jewish rituals in the Middle Ages or chewing off the foreskin of a baby or getting everyone scared of Yahweh, the Jew rules through terror.  Modern examples would be the Bolshevik Revolution to 911 and Sandy Hook, the Jew is the master of terror and no one fights back against these Jew pricks in a way that would stop Jewry in their cloven hoofprints.


The Jews infest two main areas on the planet, Israel and America.  Jews own America and they are vulnerable to attack in America because Jewry owns the capital infrastructure.  These Kosher dumbasses never thought this terror campaign all the way through – their capital assets here in America are completely unprotected to blowback. You have to understand the twisted mind of the Jew Borg, they act without thinking of consequences, that is why they get kicked out of hundreds of nations.  Hundreds of pogroms against Jews is proof that terrorism against the Goyim is a pathological part of Jewish culture.

jews are the real terrorists

The Jews can be easily stopped by another state, as easy as baking a pie.  Hit the Jews where it matters – in their homelands of Amerika and Israel.  Jews own America and America has thousands of unprotected soft targets.  Jews own these factories and refineries, they own Hollywood and Wall Street, Jews own the Federal Reserve and the gun manufacturers.  And no one is protecting any of these big targets, they are easy hits, like shooting a duck in a pond.

Take for instance any modern chemical plant, oil refinery, rail, pipeline, electrical high tension line, all are just sitting ducks to someone that was damn determined to get vengeance on America for blowing up their country.  Think about it, what would you do if some nation destroyed your nation?  Oh yeah, Israel did destroy America and you did nothing.

Achille’s Heel of Capitalism

The theory of Capitalism rests on the idea that capital is pooled and concentrated in something that makes lots of money.  We all know how Jews love to make money.  America is the most capitalistic nation on the face of the earth, America has all kinds of large capital investments scattered all over, which make for many, many targets of opportunity.  All this infrastructure makes America a first world nation, but those 3rd or 4th world nations they have none of this, just dirt roads and huts.  What infrastructure can a mad terrorist blow up in Nairobi?  Banana trees?


If you drive down a freeway anywhere in America you can’t help to see factory after factory, huge buildings and plants of every kind.  America produces everything in a big way, and efficiently, meaning the owners have minimized the dead weight of guards and security.  Capitalists don’t want to waste money on guarding their assets, so many of these structures have no protection whatsoever except maybe some security cameras and an underpaid rent-a-cop.  Anyone can just walk right up to any plant, climb over the fence, and do whatever they want because their ain’t even a soul around, and if there is a guard, he’s too fattened on donuts to make any difference in stopping a trained professional saboteur.

Imagine you are an Iraqi, your nation now gone, fractured by the Jewish Talmud inspired Destabilization Template, the government broken, the people radiated by DU, everyday another 300-600 are killed by Israel’s ISIS mass murdering terror organ.  You’d think some Iraqi who loved their country would sneak over here and do some damage.  Jew whore Amerika completely f-cked Iraq, raped her to death.  But none have, no nation bombed into ruins by Jew run Amerika has done jack squat in attacking the mainland, fortress Amerika.

There have been no real terrorist events here, the ones on the Jewtube are all staged, fakes with poorly trained actors like Robbie Parker and Gene Rosen.  America security is a joke, Israel did 911 then we went and bombed the enemy of the real perpetrators.  Are we total retards, do we suck that bad?  We can’t even retaliate on the real perps.  We should be bombing Israel, which is the source of all this worldwide terror.  But we don’t ’cause we just love them chosen Jews and that so-called ‘holy’ land.  The world is psychotic and insane.  We are fighting a War on Terror and not bombing the source of all the terror – Israel and the Rothschilds.

gene rosen jew terror actor

If America actually wants to defend itself from terror then the first thing it would have to do is round up the Jews and hold them in FEMA camps for processing.  The real terrorists are Jews, because that is how the Jew parasitizes the Goyim, by scaring the shit out of the masses so they pay up.  The other way they screw you over is with guilt, these heartless criminals cry crocodile tears about the fake Holocaust, oh everyone picks on us, we are the downtrodden Jews, have sympathy for our baked Grandma’s.

America Wide Open to Illegals

Some 40 – 50 million illegal immigrants just walked across the border unimpeded.  No wonder, America is a freeloader’s paradise, it’s welfare state was designed by the Jew. So those with nothing but tin shacks and mud huts can’t wait to get here.  The average welfare recipient in California gets $75,000.  That would be like you sneaking into Saudi Arabia and getting a million a year in benefits.  You’d might risk it for that kind of green.  So imagine what America looks like to Maria Gomez and her 23 grand children – welfare cheater’s Shangri-La.


As Americans give up citizenship to get the hell out of this unbearable Jew police state, torrents of illegals pour across the border, they have no problem with terror or Amerika, they are used to daily killings down there by the gang bangers producing the drugs for Los Angeles County.  Do rats care if another rat gets picked off every now and then?  The hordes are in survival mode, they don’t care, terror or not, they speedily come to Amerika, the land of welfare opportunity.


So if you can’t keep out 40-50 million civilian peons, how are you going to stop state sponsored actors?

Amerika Wide Open to Professionals

There’s no keeping out real terrorists, there’s no stopping foreign terror cells from infiltrating the lower 48.  So what is to stop, say Iranian special forces, from getting here and waiting to retaliate if the USA attacks Iran.  Nothing.  You can’t stop Army Rangers or Navy Seals from moving under cover in your nation.  Amerika has these forces in Iran, so does Iran have them here?  That would be fair.  Anyone that can crawl on there belly all day and eat crickets or rattlesnakes is unstoppable.


Apparently everyone on this planet is so mesmerize by the glitz of getting rich in America, that anyone that comes here is looking to move here and make money.  Hell, America can bomb the shit out of Iraq and Iraqi national patriotism is so low they couldn’t care less and hope to get to America and get a job and a house. After the first Gulf War, thousands of Iraqi officers were moved to Oklahoma and Omaha.

Currently, Obombya, the terrorist leader of Amerika, is bombing the infrastructure in Syria.  Grain silos, water treatment plants, sewage facilities, and all those other places that ISIS terrorists lurk but are never there when the bomb drops.  Amerika is bombing the same exact type of targets that Israel bombed to rubble in Gaza.  Coinicidence?  What a joke, does any Hezbollah fighter get it, ISIS is a ruse, an ally, a creation of Israel, Amerika is bombing your country into the stone age.  It is a mystery why those Muslims don’t bring the fight here, and take out our infrastructure.    You’d think in the age of assymetric warfare that Amerika would be ablaze by now.

ISIS is Jew Terror

Apparently those countries suck so bad that they won’t risk sending its soldiers here, they might defect.  What is going on in the world makes no sense to me, if I was those guys getting screwed by Jew infested Amerika, I’d get over here and take out a dam, or blow up a railroad track or bridge.  But we have not suffered one attack yet and that is a real mystery, apparently Muzzies don’t have boats or are afraid of the water.  Everyone knows that just one bomb that takes out the New York Federal Reserve would end Jewish influence in the world, so why haven’t those destroyed by Jewry taken direct action against the central banks that bankroll the terror?



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