Burn the Churches, Plow Amerika Under


Amerika is finished, this land of Jewish and Christian fascists has caused untold damage to the world, she is a Zombie looking for an executioner.  It’s time to end this evil Jewish controlled empire that turned the land of the free into the land of the deadly killers.  The Constitution failed to stop the rise of the super state, the Republic is dead, lets get on with this revolution and start again, burn the god damn churches down and plow this corrupt nation under.

Have I gone stark raving mad, burn the churches?  Not a chance, I actually love to meditate in old cathedrals, like St. Peters in downtown San Francisco.  During the midday heat of August, what better place to find tranquility from the bustle of downtown and traffic noise?  What this essay is about is to get you to see that widespread Christian belief is the cause of America’s downfall, and when we are put into desperate economic times from out connection to Israel, you will be force to deal with reality and that is when YOU will burn down these god damn Zionist churches and synagogues.


Dear reader Amerika is totally damned for what she has done to Vietnam and Iraq and all of the other countries she has bombed and bombed and bombed.  Amerika is run by death cultists – Christians and Jews who are partners in mass murder and genocide.  They might hate each other, but they also love each other.  The two are creating hell on earth and there is no way that any Baptist is going to stop loving Israel any time soon which means that Israel will be able to kill and kill and kill until the end of time, which is coming soon to Amerika.

What purpose is their to Amerika besides bombing and killing for Jews?   Amerika is the proud whore of Israel.  Do you understand what is really going on?  Amerika, the most powerful military nation in all history, is being controlled by demonic little Israel.  And you know why, right?  Zionist Christians, those idiots who take the Bible literal, are serious as a heart attack about supporting Israel, which they believe to be God’s chosen nation.   They are completely deluded in their misguided beliefs and dead wrong about Jews and Israel, and they are soon going to make a whole lot of Americans dead.

Newsflash:  God is in your head, he’s a meme.  He doesn’t exist outside of your brain or in some Jew books.  So all this damn war, all of this hell is being created because of belief.  The killing of innocent Palestinians and anyone else in the cross hairs of power mad Jews is all based on a misunderstanding of what God is, the collective ego of the believers.  God isn’t real, but belief in the Jew god is making a whole lot of people dead, and these freaks have the gall to claim that their god is love.


Amerika is worse than zero, it is a negative value, it has only negativity, the land is completely corrupted by the Judeo-Christian values of war and suffering.  What the hell Amerika?  Why is America the police state Amerika?  Why did the land of opportunity become  hell?  Religion.  Jews cleverly corrupted Christianity and now this church is slaved to Zionist Israel.  Protestants that came to America escaping Catholic persecution are now persecuting Muslims and anyone else not bending a knee to Jewish power.  Have you noticed, most Christians completely accept the status quo, and don’t mind the fascist order?

Every church in Amerika sings weekly praises to the Lord, whoever or whatever that really is – which I surmise to be Jewish supremacists.  These beliefs are misguided, who is the real god here?  These praiseful Christians don’t even see any problem with the massive carnage caused by their beloved Israel, things are fine with them.  Whatever the hellever Israel does it must be ok because Israel is God’s country.  Christians seem to be completely disconnected from the suffering they are causing.


The god everyone praying to obviously doesn’t exist, it’s some sort of nebulous brain construct that no one seems to be able to quantify, no matter, no one seems to care who they are really worshipping.  You can not escape the fact that during these modern times of high technology and instant communication, people are really confused about this god thing.  God of the believer is not there, but the effects of that belief are here.

What exactly are all these Church people worshipping, have you ever thought about that?  It is important what people worship, because it is to whom they are loyal.  Worship is devotion toward some thing outside self, and these church people are always talking about the Lord, as if the “Lord” is some real entity outside of themselves.  Obviously this god thing is a mass delusion, the entire populace is under some deep spell of worshipping non-existent gods, going to church and worshipping the Jewish money and power construct then calling it something else.

no atheists in foxholes

Being vague about definitions is typical of religious belief.  When you believe in a book full of contradictions then how can you nail down absolutes?   These religious people are obedient slaves, they are slave to the state, they are slaves to the debt money, and they are the problem, and where they meet is in a church.  So it is only a matter of time before those being negatively affected by these church loyalists to torch their congregational halls – because eventually we will figure out who screwed us over.  Church and state.

The Bible god is not real, so what is really going on is these delusional and very sick church people are sending their psychic energy to the state, they are devoting themselves to state worship.  They don’t know it, but they are 100% loyal to the state and its power.  So I am predicting that this Christian relationship with Israel will eventually erupt into a revolution on American soil.  The problem is, Americans are so damned confused on who the enemy is, they have been led to believe its Muslims when, in fact, it is the Jews.  The enemy is already inside the gates, America is the biggest Zionist infestation outside of Israhell.

What this Lord really is, is power.  The Jews have the money and power, Christians are worshipping a god of power, and this god is really the Jewish controlled matrix, the state and its power over us.  The god of the Bible is a ruse.  Christians are worshipping state power, the monopoly power to use force, god is nothing but a meme used to confuse the issue.


This is clearly seen in Israel, where only the state is allowed to wage war, the Palestinians are terrorists for resisting state power.  Only the state is allowed to use force, everyone else is a terrorist.  This monopoly on the use of force, under the guise of the rule of law, is how psychopaths can kill many more than normally possible.  Israel knows no law, Israel is a killer that does whatever it wants which is stealing land and killing, and Netanyahu is the current psychopath in charge of this entity called the state, where one loon makes the decisions.

Amerikans are slaves sending money and bombs to insane Israel, the parasite state of Jews only.  Amerika is Zombified, everyone is going through the motions while the state, now merged with the weapons manufacturers, goes war crazy.  Bomb, bomb everything, bomb, bomb, bomb, that is all Amerika does is bomb, kill, rape and maim in the name of freedom, democracy and god.

What politician doesn’t deserve the firing squad in Amerika? Our elected Congress is guilty of treason, voting to send our money and weapons to Israel to kill little children.  Amerika is really sick, the sickest of all nations, and the cause of the sickness is this religious nonsense.  Amerikans love Israel when they should be bombing Israel for waging a terror war on us.  Israel did 911.  Reality is completely the opposite of what is said on the Jewtube.  We should be bombing Israel for mass murder, murder of our elected representatives, 911 terrorism, Holocaust extortion, illegal nuclear program, Fukushima, USS Liberty incident, etc.


But we are not bombing Israel because of Bible beliefs.  Amerika, as a result of it’s people, choices, and actions is completely damned and should be turned over, so that something new can arise, some sort of new Republic one in which no Jew exists, no Christian church stands, no preacher left alive.  This might sound extreme but it isn’t, it is what Amerika is already doing to other cultures.  America has ruined so many others that it is her turn to be decimated, and I think that in the upcoming revolution the churches will be burned as Amerika is plowed under and the Republic turned over.

Amerika is finished, Israel is finished, light ’em up boys, their ain’t a damn thing worth saving.



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