Batshit Crazy Amerika



America, now Amerika, is a police state.  Amerika is America gone batshit insane because sane people do not trade liberty and freedom for a police state.  How or why did this happen?  How did this experiment in freedom and liberty end so badly?  We know it be caused by Jews.  But it is also caused by religion.  Jewish religions gone crazy, and Amerika is full of Jewish offspring religions, Christian denominations that support Israel.  Mormons, Baptists, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah Witnesses, Pentacostals, reformed churches, traditional churches, congregations, the list is nearly endless.



Amerika, the Land of Religious Fruitcakes Gone Bad

Amerika is full of these Jewish religions called Christianity. According to wikipedia there are 42,000 different Christian variants inside of the United States  42,000 different Christian denominations – that will make any nation crazy.  Amerika is infected with tens of millions of Evangelical Christians, 70 million of these Zionist Christians who are in full support of Israel.

The Jewtube is broadcasting nonstop the Bible quoting televangelicals doom and salvation gospels.  American media is 100% nonstop Jewish propaganda, and Christianity is a large part of the problem because the pure bullshit spewing out of the MSM would never be acceptable if such a large part of the nation wasn’t spellbound by the myth.


Amerika is saturated with Jewish propaganda of Revelation, nearly everyone with a Bible is searching for clues about the ‘end times’.  They believe that God has ordained a final stand of good vs. evil, they believe that Jesus will return soon because Israel has been created a fulfillment of prophecy.  None realize that they are the cause of the problem, that belief is the fuel setting the Middle East on fire.  There is a complete disconnect between the thoughts and actions of Americans and their experience.

Many Christians are anti-science, they oppose rational thinking, free thinking a sin against God.  Sanity in Amerika is located in islands of universities and acadamia, at least those not taken in by the Global Warming cult.  The American political landscape reflects this insanity, the Presidential candidates fronted to the delusional population are themselves batshit insane like Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, John McCain, GW Bush.


Amerika is so far gone into Bible mythology that these Bible cultists are doubling down on their looney geological timelines of a young earth, only 6,000 years old.  Creationist centers are popping up all over the nation, Jesus rode the dinosaurs don’t ‘ya know, these fundamentalist Christian literalists are having nothing to do with Darwin and his big idea.  Darwin is going straight to hell according to them, some think he might be the devil himself testing their faith.

Apostate Christians are the driving force behind the Republican Party, the selection of presidential candidates, and militant legislation like the War on Drugs.  This coast to coast Christian saturation that allowed the Jews to take America unopposed, what Christian is aware or against a Jew?  They can’t be anti-Jew and still be Christian.  It is this widespread Biblical mind infection center that Zionist traitors in leadership can play in support of Israel.

The Jew Hell Called Amerika

Why is Amerika so much like the feared hell?  Something is very wrong in the new land, something is very wrong with the people in the new land.  Why is Amerika so war like, why are the people following Jesus so indifferent to the suffering they are causing, isn’t Jesus a pacifist?  Jesus is alright with me, but everyone wants to be the domineering winner, on the side of God, everyone wants to be chosen like the Jew.  Jesus has been ditched for supremacy ideals.

The Bible is Jewish war making propaganda, it was created by Rabbis who wanted the ability to command their people into war, their holy books are text about supremacy and those ideas have vectored all across the planet.  The Bible establishes a higher authority than self in the minds of the sheep.  With this external authority installed in the masses, politicians can manipulate the people into war.  These humble Christians secretly smirk at those at the receiving end of Amerika’s bombing campaigns, those brown skinned people don’t know Jesus so to hell with them.

These endless wars are caused by these crazy Judeo religions and governments that use them for grabbing territory, resources, political power.  The American empire is a Christian empire, Christian missionary soldiers are on the front lines converting the conquered, making them obedient docile slaves, making them believers in the supremacy of the Jewish God.  The all powerful Jewish God Jehovah must have witnesses don’t ‘ya know!

In Amerika, the Jews control everything and can pull false flags like 911 and completely get away with mass murder because America is possessed by Christianity.  Christians can’t attack their Jewish masters, they are completely beholden to their master race because they have been psychically trumped by the Jews.  Thus Jews can pull 911 and the Christian population circles the wagons around their very destroyers and attacks Muslims.

Since 911 America became Amerika, the land 100% whored to Jewish interests, Amerika fights the wars for Israel.  Most Christians are still not aware that Israel pulled 911, and when you tell them they don’t seem to care, since God runs everything then America must have deserved it.  Amerikan Christians are so duty bound to Israel that knowledge of Israeli false flags against their country are shrugged off.

The Jews are the destroyers of nations, that is all they do.  We know its because of Jewish parasitic behavior, they always destroy every nation they infest, Jewish history is the timeline of destruction of nation states.  The move in, they take over, they change everything destroying every value then the nation falls.  The money is made worthless, the state fights endless unjust wars, women are exploited as sex objects, kids are taught homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle.

Where are the false flags staged in Amerika?  In Jewish controlled areas, where the Jews can cover up their crimes, where they control the media and the police and the courts.  Want to predict the next false flag?  Where is the Jew infestation the greatest, how about Los Angeles.


Many are asking if the earth is a prison planet, but the shill putting forth this hypothesis leaves out the Jewish component.  The earth is prison planet according to Alex Jones but then he steers your mind away from the Jewish cause.  Alex Jones’s operation in Austin, Texas is right in the heartland of the Bible belt, this Stratfor operation is located in Zionist controlled Texas capital.


Is earth a galactic penal colony that is it quarantined from the rest of the galactic civilization and why the galactic aliens don’t make contact.  Or is that line of reasoning propaganda hiding the true barbarians within the gates?  Isn’t America a Christian nation controlled by Jews at the helm?  Sorry, no aliens behind the curtain.

These wild conspiracies of aliens working in secret underground bases keep the mind from seeing the obvious, that there is an earth bound Jewish tribe doing the takeover.  The Jews are right there front and center on your television yet you can’t see their conspiracy because of Biblical belief.

Enlightened minds tell us we create what we believe.  Those that believe in hell create hell the sages tell us.  What we experience is a a reflection of our thoughts.  We are creating all of the suffering with our thoughts, all suffering by being in the mind.  Sages are like a fish that jumps out of what and has a look around, and sees a completely different reality. The human mind in a state of fear is what creates hell.

Televangelists Hell Mongers

Pastor Hagee is a hell monger.  Pastor Hagee and the rest of the gaggle of Evangelical nutcases are all in a fervor of end times, apocalypse now, blood moons, Israeli holocaust.  They have a tremendous following, Amerika is full of Christian believers pushing as hard as legally possible for Armaggeddon, that way they are proven right, the Bible is true.  How do we know?  Bible came true because we blew it all to hell.  A self fulfilling prophcy , helping Jesus come back by ending it all is batshit insane.


Maybe the Universe is bat shit crazy, how else can you explain the earth hell?  Is the universal consciousness continuum having a seizure, take a good look at earth history, how do explain the endless stream of revolutions, wars, and the carnage of tortured and dead humans?  How many people have died violent deaths in the Twentieth Century alone?

As the Jewish controlled state wratches up the police state they are building the biggest spy operation in history, right in the center of Mormon controlled area, Salt Lake City.  No aliens are taking over, Jews are taking all of our freedoms with the assistance of Zionist Christians.  Mormons have sold their souls to the Jew devils.


Amerika is the Center of the Jew Earth Hell

America is a nation of gangsters, crooks, televangelist loons all trying to make a quick buck.  Many came to the land of opportunity, they came here to make money by swindling each other.  They still come here to make money, the greediest of the Mexicans are pouring across the border to get in on the Gringo money machine.  They weren’t happy in Mehico, it was to boring they want some action up north in Amerika, where any  criminal can make bank in the land of opportunity, anyone can engage in some sort of underhanded money making scheme in Jewlandia.


In Amerika you are free to invent some scam and make trunk loads of money, then head for the border.  Federal oversight agencies don’t care what you do, they are busy snorting coke and watching porn while at work.  And it’s not just Mexicans coming here; Russians, Jews, and Israelis are coming here like a bag of cockroaches dumped on the hot pavement.  They are heading for America because that is where the money is.  There are 300,000 Israelis in California alone, many of them hiring Mexicans below minimum wage.

Amerika is like a giant penal colony of criminals, not unlike Australia, where England sent all her criminals, people come to Amerika to get in on the money action.  Think about it, take a good look at your neighbors, how many of them are willing to lie as a crisis actor or take a job at DHS?  Nearly all of them, and they do it because the want the money, the power of bossing others around and don’t have a lick of integrity.


So take a good look at Amerika, this home of the greedy Jewish soul, the home of religious crazies, the military center of the Jew money empire.  American workers proudly manufacturer drones that kill thousands of innocent people all around the world.  Wave the flag and collect a fattie paycheck, then go to church and be forgiven, that is the American way.

America is like a movie about gangsters, everyone thinks and acts like a criminal on some level.  Maybe your neighbor isn’t holding up the convenient store, but maybe he is manipulating some derivative and ripping off the entire world.  His kid has a good chance to end up on drugs and might end up robbing  7-11s and knocking up the welfare sluts who are in ever greater supply.

I have traveled all over America and lived in numerous places.  I see the same evil everywhere, everyone is greedy, it is like everyone is on some kind of drug, everyone is up to something, got an angle, doing something shady, is planning to get rich quick doing something crooked, like selling the nation down the river for a quick buck.  America is a bad place, where bad people, do bad things

Peaceful Nature vs. Jewish Warfare

Take a look at Nature, it is harmonious and beautiful;  it is only man, that is the crazy specie here destroying everything.   Man is cruel and dysfunctional, man is like a plague on the planet surface.  What is making humanity insane?  Are we just a new self aware specie going through growing pains, who is rapidly evolving to higher consciousness?  New Agers tell us we are in a transition, soon there will be a metamorphosis and a new humanity born.


What if all the wars and revolutions, those wars in the physical plane are being caused because consciousness is at war with itself.  As humanity defines itself, those who hold on to old consciousness will find themselves at war with those expressing a new consciousness.   Almost all revolutions are driven by a need for justice, a perceived grievances by an unjust system that are not address politically spill over into bloody conflict, often those with money impose an unjust system that must be violently overthrown.

Jews control these revolutions, first they establish an unjust monetary and legal order, then they overthrow it.  Federal Reserve Banking revolution, Communist revolution are both Jewish revolutions.  Jews overthrow the system, install an unjust Jewish system that must be overthrown.  Thus, everything the Jew creates with his perverted mind is unstable and must be eventually torn down.

Nature is doing just fine, all of Nature except man, only man is messing up here.  That poses the question why.  Why indeed?  I will tell you why, something is very unnatural about man on planet earth, like he doesn’t belong here.  Take a look around you, do you identify with your Christian neighbors, or the Jewish banker charging interest, or the lying politician on the Jewtube?  I don’t, I can’t stand people driving huge behemoth 4×4’s or going to big box stores, I feel alienated around most everyone who is in some  ego consciousness.

One big reason are the Jewish holy books, which paint this grim picture of an angry God out to get us, making covenants with his tribe, telling them to kill everything.  This concept of total war, killing every living thing, is unnatural.  Tribal peoples around the world practice did not practice total war, they have ritualistic coup, they took conquered tribes children and raised them.  They had a human side, but the Jews waged total war, as if they are not human.

How is it that the most evil group of people on the planet, the Jews, a tiny minority, rule over the rest of humanity with the rules in their demented books?  The question arises, why is this allowed, why do Jews have power when Judaism should be outlawed?  The Jews control the money and are imposing their monetary order on us, a system of usury.  With the privately owned banks, the Jews bought their way into controlling all of the western states.


There is a possible reason, that earth is a penal colony and the Jew the jailers.  Or maybe we are all inmates and the Jews are the prison rats that took over the hell colony.  If either is true then that is a terrible realization.  This is hell and the Jews are the demon guard dogs.  The Jews are enslaving the planet with their book, a book about their supposed past.  We need to stop reading and agreeing with the Jew book and start defending ourselves from the Jew.  We need to stop thinking like the Jew predator.


2 thoughts on “Batshit Crazy Amerika

  1. Im sorry and glad to inform you fake wanna be Christians, that you have been following a revised version of the Bible. Jesus was not a capitalist, nor did he eat meat, nor did he allow you to kill Iraqis under any circumstances.

    Yehovih said, “Thou shall not kill anything that Yhwh created alive, and breathed the breath of life, which is diluted in the blood”

    You do NOT get to take the easy way out and live your whole life as a scumbag who only looks at ways to make more money, sues his own sister, or rapes kids, and then at the last 5 seconds of your life, you call upon the name of Jesus, and youre saved..

    First off youre not supposed to worship Jesus anyway, thats partial idolatry.. Youre supposed to worhip the father, which is what Jesus preached in the temple.

    The Bible you have as off now, is the heavily revised Constantine Bible, which tells you its okay to join the army and kill people as long as you think its self defense.

    False! You must take Jehovih for a fool! Killing is not allowed under any circumstances!

    Jesus real name was Joshu the son of Mara and Joseph. His titles were Yeshua, Yehushua, Christ.. meaning

    Yeshua – Saviour, Messiah

    Christ – All Knowledge, All pure, All powerful, signifying One with the Father..

    You do not get to live your life as Goldman Sachs, and simply call upon the name of Jesus.. It doesnt work like that

    Youre supposed to do Good Works, and have faith in the Father Jehovih/Jehovah/Yahweh, not think all you need to do is say the word Jesus

    I could go on for hours..

    If you wish to save your soul make sure you remember this sentence.

    The way to heaven is not simply by uttering words, it is by DOING GOOD WORKS to other people..

    How many people have you raised out of poverty? Sickness? Abuse?

    How many animals have you saved? Do you eat meat?

    No, this is not vegan agenda, this is Jehovih commandments. Eating meat stains your soul, and he can see that..

    You must strive to be pure by only eating a vegan diet, be loving and kinda towards all of God’s people.. Forgive all , and pity them that curse you.

    You do NOT just get to say Jesus name!

    Stop listening to Pat Robertson and his like.. Its NOT how it works.

  2. Nato= Zionist fake apostate Bablylonian, Ba’al worhiping jews/Draco Reptilians. Nato is Usa, Usa is Israel, Israel is Roschilds and the Queen of England

    They are trying to get us into WWIII with the few remaining countries that are not under Reptilian control, such as Russia, Iran, China, etc..

    They feed of off negative energy, sadness, anguish,etc..suffering.. They wish to make humanity suffer so much, so they can trigger the second coming of Jesus, which in fact will not be the actual Jesus, but the AntiChrist/Lucifer/their Draco boss, in disguised

    He in turn will rule this planet for a while, and will unleash such heinous shit, this world hasnt seen before.. which in turn will trigger the second coming of the actual Jesus/ The good little grey aliens/angels

    Lucifer in his cockiness, thinks he can beat them, once and for all, so that he can reign supreme not just the lord of this planet, but at least this galaxy

    But he keeps forgetting that there is one bigger fish than him left..which is Jehovih.. The Alpha and Omega..

    Not to mention that there are numerous Arch Angels throughout the various nebula in the universe, who control Billions of lower angels, that Jehovih, will command to come down to Earth and help Jesus..

    Lucifer will lose, and lose bad…

    Not sure what will happen to him and his henchmen, which hell they will be thrown into.. but after this..

    Jesus/Jehovih will usher in another Golden Age

    This is the plan

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