Are Jews a Threat to American National Security?



It is obvious to any reasonable thinking person in the truth movement that America has a problem, America is a nation infested with Jews who are either working for Israel and/or Rothschild.  It is plain as day obvious that these Jews are a threat to the national security of the peoples of the United States.  Unfortunately, this criminal cabal of Jews has a huge support group called Evangelical Christians who are blocking any reform toward national sovereignty.


Let us differentiate which Jew we are talking about, the disloyal American Jews who only think about Israel over their own nation state, and let us include all the Christian Jews who call themselves Zionists.  If you are not America first then we have a problem with you.  If you think Jewish sponsored terrorism is ok than you are the enemy of the people.

These traitorous Jews are systematically taking America down, if America goes down then the idea and practice of freedom may perish.  Up to the election of Trump, it did not look like America will survive the takedown – the false flags were coming fast and furious and the nation is going under and being transformed into a Jewish controlled police state.


We are to learn if Trump puts and end to the insanity of Jewish crimes against us, will Trump stop the false flag attacks on American freedom?  Will Trump investigate 911 and Sandy Hook?  Will Trump order the FBI to round up the fakers and false flaggers who are systematically taking America down?  Or is Trump a Jewish Trojan horse who filled his swamp with Likudniks?

In order to stop Jews there is one main thing that must be done, the Federal Reserve must be nationalized.  The American state must issue the currency.  Trump must first audit the Fed then make steady progress in nationalizing the private Jewish bank and remove Jews from issuing our currency.


The second most important thing to do is remove all the Zionist Neocons from state.  All Jews loyal to Israel first must not be allowed to work within the United States Government.


Thirdly, if Trump is to restore sovereignty, then the Jewish control of the press must end, the state must seize this organ for itself, in other words the USG must take control of CNN from Jews/Zionists/CIA agents.


Fourth, the CIA and FBI and other police agencies must be transformed or abandoned.  The police must work for the people and not a foreign state.  All police agencies who have cooperated with Israel must be put under investigation.


Fifthly, traitorous pastors like John Hagee must be arrested and executed for treason.  No Evangelical has any right to support Israel because Israel is the enemy, Israel did 911, an act of war against our peoples.  All Evangelicals must be put on the terror watch list as potential enemies of state.


Furthermore, the tax free status of religion must end.  We don’t need our people under the Abrahamic spell, the Bible must be made visible as Jewish propaganda, the evil god Yahweh outlawed as if it were the plague, because in fact it is a memetic virus, and more deadly than any biological virus.

the world must overcome the abrahamic spell and nuke israel

Finally, in order to secure freedom for our children, Rothschild’s private estate called Israel must be bombed off the map.  Israel must be made no more.  This may sound extreme but it is straight talk.  Israel did 911, it is Israel that is the enemy of the American state, and we know from the long history of Jewish extremist behavior that the Jews will never stop being Jewish, nor will they ever be a reasonable people who can live in peace with others.  Thus the USA and the world has no choice but to liquidate Israel and create a new Palestine, a state with no Jews in control.


Stupid Zionists Pushing Hard for WW3 – What You Should Do



Well this is sure gettin’ interesting in a hurry.  Turkey shot down a Russian SU-24 fighter bomber with a US made F-16 stationed in Turkey.  No accident, not a soda can bomb as claimed by ISIS for that Russian passenger jet last month.  No, this time it is no mistake, a Turkish state war plane shot a Russian jet out of the clear blue sky and then the Turkish militia killed the pilot.

RuAF-Su-24-in-flames (2)

Turkey aggressed against Russia – now that was real stupid.  So dumb that Russia is goin’ to ramp up the war some more – more sorties, more missile frigates, less tolerance for airspace violations of Israel jets in Syria.  Time to roll out the new stuff.  We are in for some big surprises as new state of the art top secret weaponry is used before the situation goes nuclear.

We are headed straight into hell because neither side is going to back down and whoever launches first wins.  In nuclear war gaming there is a hard fast rule, once you realize that you are on the downhill slide and are reaching the point of no return, the option to launch first becomes critical.  Whoever fires off their nuclear arsenal first has the decisive advantage.


What we are we seeing here is the real time stupidity of the Jewish controlled West – instead of packing up and leaving the Middle East – Uncle Sam is now going to antagonize Russia as Putin cleans up Obama’s mess.  This is a very Jewish trait – insanity and not knowing when to back down.

Jewish supremacists have a long history of insanity and this time is no different, they are going to get the hammer again.  Just like when Rome crushed the Jewish rebellion in the first centuries AD, once again the Jewish Zionist Zealots will NOT back down.

Perhaps I should let you all in on a little secret. No one likes you in the future.

What should you do about this mess the Jews are getting us into?  Get ready.  John Titor warned us about ourselves, he said that the future hates us.  I agree.  I hate how people are acting right now.  WW3 is a really bad idea.

This is what John Titor said 15 years ago when we were friends with Russia:

“How can you possibly criticize me for any conflict that comes to you?   I watch every day what you are doing as a society. While you sit by and watch your Constitution being torn away from you, you willfully eat poisoned food, buy manufactured products no one needs and turn an uncaring eye away from millions of people suffering and dying all around you.   Is this the “Universal Law” you subscribe to?

Perhaps I should let you all in on a little secret. No one likes you in the future. This time period is looked at as being full of lazy, self-centered, civically ignorant sheep. Perhaps you should be less concerned about me and more concerned about that.

who ever launches first wins

Can you tell us the foods that are unsafe now? Is there anything we can do to prepare for the war you are describing?

I tried to consolidate your questions into a basic list. I hope this helps.

1. Do not eat or use products from any animal that is fed and eats parts of its own dead.

2. Do not kiss or have intimate relations with anyone you do not know.

3. Learn basic sanitation and water purification.

4. Be comfortable around firearms. Learn to shoot and clean a gun.

5. Get a good first aid kit and learn to use it.

6. Find 5 people within 100 miles that you trust with your life and stay in contact with them.

7. Get a copy of the US Constitution and read it.

8. Eat less.

9. Get a bicycle and two sets of spare tires. Ride it 10 miles a week.

10. Consider what you would bring with you if you had to leave your home in 10 min. and never return.”

fully loaded bike - what you need to have ready when the end comes

His points indicate you will need to move in a hurry, by alternative gasoline free transportation, to people you can trust during the end phase ramp up to WW3.

Most important are trust worthy friends that won’t rat you out to the Jewish Homeland Security agents.  So who can you trust in Amerika, the Jewish Hebrew whore nation?  Hardly a one.  Americans will turn on each other in a heartbeat – they are all fearful dumbed down, money-grubbing, Jewified sleaze ball trapped like rats in ZOGLAND


Americans have no clue how bad things can get, they have created strife for tens of millions all around the globe while getting fat eating cheese balls during spectator sports on the Jewtube.  Amerikans have killed tens of millions of innocent people since the end of WW2.  Low ball estimates are around 20-30 million, but who’s counting?

Study: U.S. regime has killed 20-30 million people since World War Two

You believe that?  Do you believe a single thing the government tells you or the estimates of their paid propaganda research studies?  How does the rest of the world view Amerika?  What are they going to have to do to protect themselves from us?


Achilles Heel of the West



The United State Government is run by insane Zionist retards who haven’t thought their War of Terrorism all the way through.  It is impossible to protect a first world infrastructure from ‘real’ terrorism, meaning it is impossible to protect the capital-intensive investments if some nation retaliated from what we are doing to them.


In other words, anyone motivated to bring down the United States by attacking the grid can do so putting the land in permanent darkness.  If you’ve noticed we motivated a whole lot of people to hate us by bombing them into total ruin.  The only mystery to me in this entire Jew terroristic war is why no one has retaliated.

I’ve written about this a long time ago when Dubya was cranking up the terror war on Iraq.  I speculated that any Iraqi nationalist could infiltrate the United States (like any Mexican by walking across the border) and then start blowing up all the stuff we take for granted living in a first world country.  What I am talking about is anyone with the will and a match can take down the grid.


The stupid employees at the FBI responded to my essay by not lobbying to end the insane Terror War but to increase security at these capitalistic corporate buildings, transformers, pipelines, chemical plants, etc.  How naive I was to think any bureaucrat in the FBI is a patriot – terrrorism means full employment for federal law enforcement – first they get to participate in the terrorist act then cover it up.  LOL.

When redneck in Alaska shot at the Alaskan pipe line with his .338 Winchester, a lucky hit dead center caused a 30 caliber hole and the oil shot out like a fire hose drenching a quarter mile of pristine wilderness.  According to the LA Times such a scenario is really scary, a couple of years later after 911 the same newspaper became the biggest promoter of the War on Terrorism.

“It’s truly scary to imagine someone cooking up batches of anthrax and sending it through the mail. But the United States’ deepest vulnerability to terrorism may have been exposed earlier this month not by a mad scientist or a suicide bomber but by a single drunken hunter with a .338-caliber rifle.


On Oct. 4 (2001), according to police, Daniel Carson Lewis of Livengood, Alaska, shot a single hole into the trans-Alaska oil pipeline. Because it was near the base of a long, gentle rise, strong pressure spewed 285,600 gallons of petroleum 75 feet into the air, saturating the tundra. The pipeline was shut for nearly three days as workers struggled to fix the leak.

Authorities quickly announced that Lewis was not a terrorist.

“It was just somebody being stupid with their gun,” a state police spokesman said. “Alcohol and a guy with a gun–nothing deeper than that.”

If that was meant to be reassuring, it had the opposite effect. One guy with a rifle could shut down the biggest U.S. oil pipeline, delaying 2.7 million barrels of crude? What if there had been half a dozen guys? What if they’d used something bigger than rifles?”


How do you protect a petroleum refinery from a towel head with a throwaway hand-held rocket or a sniper with a .50 caliber sniper rifle that has a 2 mile range?  You can’t.  Typically the refinery is built on the flat lowlands near the port in the otherwise unusable marshland.  That means anyone taking the high ground has a clean shot.


What no one in the national security apparatus seems to understand is the Second Law of Thermodynamics, everything we build produces heat that must be dissipated via a radiator of some type, damage the radiator and the machine is kaput.  We are very vulnerable because in a first world nation we have built our slave like existence around all this capital investments like grocery stores and filling stations that need electricity to operate.

The Bolsheviks did this to German tanks with Molotov cocktails – jars with gasoline tossed onto the tank engine area makes it impossible for the engine to keep running.  Likewise every electrical transformer has a cooling fin somewhere on the outside, easily exposed to bullet spray.  It doesn’t matter what the gadget is, it must dissipate heat otherwise it won’t run.

everything that moves produces heat

How do you protect a transformer from a 30-06?  You can’t.  Every transformer is just like every tank it has a weakness, it must be able to cool itself otherwise it will melt in place.  A single bullet into any radiator stops the machine.


Then we have the problem of a nation built on petrol, every gas station (or auto) is a potential bomb.  A single gallon of gasoline has 114,000 BTU’s.  That’s alot of energy in a small space.  One BTU warms a pound of water one degree Fahrenheit, a gallon of gas combusting inside an insulated space (like a house) can ruin your whole day.

Amerika the police state has an Achilles Heel, it is a nation built on petrol, the fail is built into the system, if anything disrupts the flow of this one commodity then the whole nation fails.  Gasoline is pumped around the nation in completely unprotected open air pipelines.  LOL.  Tanker trucks make good explosions in Hollywood movies, any truck makes a good platform for bomb delivery like in the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing that killed 299 marines.

Everything that flies is a ticking time bomb.  In fact the USAF bombers on alert can’t be protected by Ahmed in a Cessna who’s buddy is shooting out the passenger window with a repeating assault rifle with tracers at wings full of fuel.  Every airplane is a giant thin aluminum fuel tank that is very easy to hit when parked.  Bombers on alert are completely unprotected from under the radar low flying light aircraft.


My advice to anyone who still chooses to remain living in Hebrew Amerika is to buy a generator because it is almost time for Israel’s ISIS to shut down the grid.  When you hear on Faux News that ISIS is going to blow some shit up make sure to understand what that really means:  Jews are taking down your nation.


Virulent Nationalism Coming to Amerika



America has been taken over and subverted by Jews.  America has been trance-formed into police state Amerika.  Amerika is the corrupt Jewish controlled society that is just like Weimar Germany before Hitler. As Titanic Amerika sinks from the excessive debts, regulations, internal police state policies, external wars of aggression the nation will be forced to save itself from oblivion by turning to a charismatic nationalistic leader.


As Amerika collapses the people are going to react to the loss of jobs and corruption, they will look to an alpha male or strong leader.  The nation will be re-organized during the chaotic period into a militaristic national socialist society.  This is coming and is inevitable as Americans wake up to the Jewish problem.  Trump’s “America first” meme is only the start of this new trend.  America is going down and the new trend will be to turn inward and save the nation.

But is Trump the new Hitler?  I don’t know but my guess he may be too early, things are not bad enough yet.  Looking at the current deterioration of the early Trump administration, the Saker says Trump is more like Yanukovich than Putin.  In other words Trump is a business man, a man who gets along with the money men and he is not the charismatic alpha male needed that leads the nation out of the Jewish shithole.  Flynn’s resignation probably means Donald Trump just got his balls cut off, he’s a castrated and lame pragmatist, the lukewarm pretender of Napoleon.

Whether Trump lacks brains, spine, or balls is anyone’s guess, but it is now painfully clear that he has much more in common with Yanukovich then with Putin.


The only way Trump can be a great leader is to ramp up the infighting to nuclear war and start arresting and or killing his opposition in Congress and the deep state.  He must seize power by removing Jews from power.   The state is force, nice guy policies don’t work during desperate times.  The state is organized violence against the individual, and the only way Trump can survive is organize this violence and force against the murderous Jewish deep state.

But is that going to happen to a pragmatic art-of-the-deal billionaire real estate developer?  No.  To be great you must do what is necessary to win and take your place in history.  Trump is no Hitler.  Trump is not organizing his country against the Jews, Trump doesn’t have the right stuff to do this, Trump doesn’t have the intellectual knowledge, stomach, and spine to do what is necessary to save America from Jewish predation.


The spoiled frat boy was no match for the politics of the deep state and many are announcing that the Trump administration will be totally whored to the Jewish Neocon Zionist policies of total war on the world.  That is not good, that means that more war is coming, that means that the Apocalypse in the Middle East is going to be ramped up again and the second half played out.  What it looks like is that Donald Trump is being forced to knuckle under to Bibi Netanyahu and his moles in the United States.

the nations subverted by zionism have high jewish populations

The problem with Amerika is worse than you think, subversive Jews not only hold top positions in state but Jewish ideals are deeply embedded in the American Hebraic culture.  Even worse is that Jews are spiritually protected by the Christian Biblical culture that binds the Gentiles to God’s people that blinds Americans to the reality of a Jewish deep state.


How did the Jews, a mere 2% of the population, conquer America?  The dominant religion of America, Christianity, binds the adherents to the ‘self-chosen-holier-than-thou’ ones. No matter what evil the Jews do to America, like 9112001, many Christians are unable to grasp without their belief system being seriously challenged.  Amerika is a conquered nation just like Palestine and it is only a matter of time before she is treated like Palestine.

For most Christians, particularly the Evangelicals, the Jews are God’s chosen minions. And for God’s people to do evil means that God is doing evil. Christians can not accept that Jews can do evil, so they believe the lie that Jews are the eternal victims of a world that hates godly Jews. Christians are seriously spellbound, the Jews are actually in the same category as God.

christians-confused-about-911 because of their faith

Jews hold top positions in the shadow black government, they infest Wall Street and Hollywood and the Main Stream Media and most Americans don’t care.  Jews even infest most of the Christian religious denominations, they obviously control the Catholic Pope who defends the Holocaust and Global Warming.  Jews are embedded in Western civilization, which is in reality a Jewish converted culture.

Try to convince an Evangelical that Israel did 911 then watch their reaction, they can not emotionally grasp that if the Jews did 911 then they can’t have a special chosen status with God. For many Christians it is simply impossible that Israel did 911, to admit that would unravel their belief system. No matter what, the Christian will side with the Jew even if it means the Jew is committing acts of terror that destroys the Christian society.


The spell is so strong and will require further “punishments” (or as the Christians misname “judgments”) in order to break it. The Jews will raze and burn America to the ground and Christians will loudly proclaim that God is judging America and then give lame rationalizations like homosexuality or abortion as the cause. They can not see that it the Jews, not “God”, that is doing the destroying. America will be leveled long before the brain dead Christian sheep ever figure out their situation.

Christians are in denial and this denial is what keeps Kosher Alex Jonestown in business.  The situation will have to get much worse before Amerika wakes up and smells the Talmud rotting the body politic.  Jews are embedded in the state, culture, and religion.  Jews not only infest Amerika, they are parasitic race draining America of her life force and turning her into a dried up old whore who will be worth nothing to anyone.  If Amerika won’t attack Iran then what use does Satanyahu have for his whore?


As America wakes up the Jews will turn on America and destroy her. Thus we are at the point of revolution, we have to wake up for survival, and as we do the Jews will have their Department of Homeland Security national Jewish protective team waiting. Christian society will be literally burned into a smoldering heap as the revolution commences because the patriot rebels will soon learn that these Christians are also the sycophantic allies of the traitorous Jews.

What I see are American Christians being herded into their Jewish temples (i.e. churches) and burn alive just like the Russian Revolution.  The way the mind parasite will be evicted is with flame, the fever of Jewish spellbinding will be burned out of society because that is what must happen for our nation to survive.  The situation will become more gruesome than anyone can imagine, we have no idea what is coming.  Americans will be forced to face the truth and the reaction could be bloodier than the Civil War.

americans are like john-wick

You must be like John Wick under assault and kill them all.  Men must become virulent persuaders of moral justice, hot women must support their warriors as society re-organizes itself by pulling it’s head out of it’s ass and start doing something about the Jewish problem.  Americans must stop injuring themselves in Jewish wars of conquest and start fighting the Jews and not be their attack dogs.

Look at what they have pulled off thus far, they did 911 and then got us to attack their enemies that has lead to a police state that they control. Nearly all of the DHS grant money goes to Jewish organizations and much of that money goes to fortify Synagogues! The Jews know what is coming and they are already digging in while most Americans have not a clue about the approaching revolution.


I am rededicating this blog to all those who want to live, all those rational thinking persons who love liberty and freedom and are willing to fight for it.  I dedicate this blog to the young men and their woman who are dedicated to our cause of a just society – a Jewish free system based on love and reason and not Jewish ideals or any of the Abrahamic religions.  I dedicate this blog to the life force and those that realize that in order for life to exist the evil must be purged.


WEIMAR MEETS AMERICA – A Study In National Collapse


WEIMAR MEETS AMERICA A Study In National Collapse



JOE CORTINA IS AN EX GREEN BERET, a former airborne special operations officer and US Army Training Center commander.

Joe Cortina’s subsequent experiences as an intelligence investigator andanti-terrorist adviser brought him to such hotbeds of turmoil as the State of Israel, adjacent Middle East nations, and Central America.

Joe Cortina’s Web Site, “My Name Is Joe Cortina,” is a showcase of crimes committed against humanity by the Jewish global elite. Here.



Br Nathanael: Is there a parallel between Germany’s Weimar Republic and America today?

Joe Cortina: Yes. The similarities of the situation are a warning direct from the wisdom of philosopher George Santana, “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”WeimarMeetsAmericaMeme

Br Nathanael: Let’s look at that history. Americans are hard pressed today. Was there anything like this among the Germans prior to the coming of the Third Reich in 1933?

Joe Cortina: The Germans of the Weimar period were in a horrible situation: out of work – declining purchasing power of their currency – starved – humiliated – robbed of land and dominated by Jews to much the same extent as we now see in America.

The Germans of that period were virtually all Christians with strong family values and a Christian work ethic.

This is the case in America. However, with the media occupied by Jews – the courts controlled by Jews – and finance under the reign of Jews – all Christian expression is either stifled or ridiculed, and all opportunities for an expression of a White Christian work ethic has been shipped overseas by Jewish investment bankers.

Br Nathanael:
Let’s start with the media. Any parallels between Weimar and America today?

Joe Cortina: Weimar’s media was controlled almost exclusively by Jews.

The two largest German newspapers before 1933 were in Jewish hands: Leopold UllsteinAugust ScherlRudolf Mosse. These Jews had a virtual monopoly on the German press.

Their chief publication was the Berliner Tageblatt which for many years was looked upon abroad as representative of German public opinion.

The editor of this paper was Theodor Wolff, a Jew, who also took a prominent part in politics. All editorials, all policy, all thought was totally under Jewish control – America’s sad state today.

Br Nathanael: How about parallels in employment?

Joe Cortina: There were no ‘unemployed Jews’ in the midst of mass unemployment since Jews would not get their hands ‘dirty’ to do honest hard work.

The Jews led privileged lives of luxury while the average German struggled to keep his family fed. The Jewish statistician, Alfred Marcus, estimated the average Jewish income for 1930 as three times the average income of the rest of the population. Sound familiar?

Br Nathanael: How about parallels in finance?


Joe Cortina: Once again the Jew dominated and strangled the working German.

First of all, the Jewish banker, Max Warburg, represented fallen Germany at Versailles and was instrumental in forming the Weimar Republic. Hugo Pruess, a Jew, wrote Weimar’s constitution.

The result was that between 1925 and 1929 four of the six members of the controlling board of the Reichsbank directors were Jews including Jakob Goldschmidt and Rudolf Havenstein.

With unpatriotic Jews at the head of Germany’s monetary policy, whose ties with international Jewry took precedence over Germany’s interests, hyperinflation set in and the German Mark became worthless. America is now about to experience its own “Weimar Moment.”

Br Nathanael: And last, any similarities regarding moral degradation?


Joe Cortina: The floodgates were opened for Jewish depravity when all barriers in the form of censorship during the monarchy were removed after Germany’s defeat in 1918.

Then a torrent of immoral literature, films and plays poured into Germany, primarily nourished by Jews. Weimar Jewish poet, Stefan Zweig, feared a backlash against Jewry when he termed the transformation of Berlin “into the Babylon of the World.”

“Even Rome of Suetonius never known such orgies as the pervert balls of Berlin,” observed Zweig, “where hundreds of men costumed as women and hundreds of women dressed as men danced under the benevolent eyes of the police.”

Zweig had written to Martin Buber, saying, “It’s disgusting how Jews are taking everything by storm. Should it not be our responsibility to anticipate the justified Anti-semitic indignation and call our people back to their senses.”

Br Nathanael: Can you be more specific regarding immoral literature, films and plays produced by German Jewry?

Joe Cortina: Publishing houses like Benjamin Harz, Leon Hirsch, and Jacobsthal & Co, were putting out books that undermined Christian sexual mores.

The titles say it all: “Sittengeschichte des Lasters” (History Of Morals and Vices), “Bilderlexikon der Erotic” (Picture Lexicon of Eroticism), “Sittengischichte des Geheime und Verbotene” (History of the Secret and the Forbidden).

Jews, by the way, waged an energetic campaign for free abortion. Jews such as Dr Max Hodann, Dr Lothar Wolf, Martha Ruben-Wolf, and Alfons Goldschmidt wrote numerous articles encouraging abortion and birth control.


Ideal America Starts with a New Vision



I think confronting the actual reason for America’s decline and destruction is moral and courageous. After reading this post I hope to convince you that America could be peaceful and prosperous if America was rid of Jews.  Jews are the devils that walk amongst us, Jews are the real Satans corrupting us – it is the Jews behind the porn industry, the destruction of currency, the loss of jobs, the immigration crisis, the endless wars and droning of wedding parties.


America is currently experiencing a delusional state of Jew insanity. The Jews have seized all organs of government and are now actualizing their final demented plans of world domination and forcing mankind into total subservience to the Jew supremacists. In order for America to be sane again it must remove Jews from state, remove Jews from the central bank, remove Jews from control of the multi-national corporations.

America has been militarized and the world is now under the thumb of Jewish run empire, super power USA, the “end times” beast of Revelations. Internally the police forces are being tranceformed into fascist storm troopers. How this is happening is in your daily news. Why is never discussed. The reason because all main stream news are owned and controlled by Jews, these bloodsucking hyenas who tell nothing but lies like Global Warming, 911 by Arabs, Sandy Hook massacre, etc.


An example of Jewish mind control is the fact that 911 was obviously a controlled demolition and ‘inside job’ that is never discussed on television. And even worse the Jewish complicity is completely verboten. Slowly but surely Americans are having to confront reality in their minds, that the government was involved in 911, a staged mass murder, and coverup.  Searching for truth of 911 will reveal that no Arab was involved in this staged terrorism, that 911 was engineered by the deep Jewish state to start the Middle East wars.

This search will eventually bring the truth seekers to the door of the hidden power controlling America. The United States as you know it will not survive when the truth of 911 is brought to light. This is good, because the United States as you know it is controlled by evil Jews.  911 is a truth test for America, if America can not come to grips who did 911, then the nation will perish.

israeli-connection-911 JEWISH MEDIA COMPLICIT

Israel did 911 – All the Proof in the World

What was America like before the Jews took over? America used to be organized around individual freedom and prosperity and sound money. Once the Jews were able to gain control of the gold backed national money they forced us to use their fiat Federal Reserve Notes and then America started a long decline. That decline is now at it’s end because now America is totally bankrupt, demoralized, and unable to extricate itself from the inflationary money scam.

Reality is forcing us to confront the Federal Reserve. Confronting abuse ends it. The purpose of the Federal Reserve was to financially rape America and transfer the wealth of the entire nation to the evil Jews, that it did, now we are facing total bankruptcy and the police state as they move to protect their ill gotten gains.  Everyone can now see the Jew run state is completely corrupt, but do we have the courage to nationalize the Fed, cancel the illegal debts, reinstitute sound money and start over?


We get our freedom back when we realize the culprit then do something about Jewish subversion.  Evil ends when we decide not to tolerate evil, we end the abuse when we stop tolerating Jewish control.  Most Americans are still clueless, the argue liberal or conservative not realizing the obvious truth that both parties are controlled by Jews.  Regardless of who is elected, Jews will continue with their global enslavement of mankind with their scams like Climate Change.

Global warming is not part of a liberal agenda, it’s a Jew scam to fleece and control the world under the pretense that man’s activities are causing climate change. Luckily for us, the world is cooling and scientists are getting the courage to challenge the fraud, but they dare not call it a Jew conspiracy. Most scientists will never out the Jews as causal, so we have to do that for them.


Most people have been corrupted in one way or another by the Jewish control and subversion.  They do not understand the level of mind control they suffer, they can not fathom that everything they believe is a Jewish contrived lie, like the god of the Bible, what Hitler was trying to do to save Europeans, the Holocaust, or Climate Change.  Realizing that everything we’ve been taught is a gigantic Jewish lie is to great a challenge for most Christian Americans.

We are ruled by psychopaths, and the question is why.  Why do psychopaths dominate the state?  What made so many people sick that they would support a state run by psychopaths?  The answer escapes all because it is embedded in the cultural paradigm, no one can see that the Jewish holy text is the source of psychopathy in the Western world.  Not one person in a million understands the role of the Holy Bible in the subversion of the human mind, that the Holy Bible is the template of our destruction, the secret force behind cultural Marxism to the Apocalypse in the Middle East.


Wikipedia defines psychopathy as:

Psychopathy (also known as, though sometimes distinguished from sociopathy) is traditionally defined as a personality disorder characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy and remorse, and disinhibited or bold behavior.


Most people in America just don’t care what their government does to other nations or to their peoples.  The nation is dead, like a dead fish floating downstream, Americans are dead and indifferent to the horrific suffering they are causing with their votes. The remorseless Hebrew indoctrinated Amerikan culture, cares nothing about the bombing of other nations into total ruin.  The supremacy mentality of Jewish culture was transferred to Europeans with the King James Bible.

The world is full of criminals, do you have the courage to call the Jew overthrowing your country a criminal? Think about it, your moral courage is the prime enemy of the Jew black magicians. It’s not your freedom that matters as much as your ability to think, reason and take a moral stand. The Jews play this game of slow subversion and it’s characteristics are often shown in media, like the promotion of homosexuality or transgenderism.  They must subvert you at a moral level or you wouldn’t you tolerate them.


Many people have woken up to this cultural Marxism, the subversion of culture by Hollywood and Jewish pop culture; but they are unable to see how the Holy Bible is an even deeper subversion of their conscious minds, they can not come to grips that the god of the Bible is really Jewish psychopathy.  Most people are in need of money, they cave to pragmatism and job security. Most people do not have the capacity to challenge their faith especially if it might cause financial loss.

We need people that don’t cave, we need warriors, and warriorship starts in the mind.  Do you own your mind, or is it under control of a myth, a Jewish written myth?  Want to stop the Jews?  First we must stop our own duplicity by no longer tolerating Jewish ideas, we need to put our foot down and not allow them to rule any of the psychic space.  We need to end Jewish rule and extricate everything Jewish from our being and become moral and righteous men again.  Only then can we have a new vision for America.

the holy bible is the source of state psychopathy

The Amazing F-35 Flying Piece of Shit



The F-35 is a piece of shit and should be immediately canceled. It is the most expensive weapon system ever produced on earth, it was sold as a do everything flying crackerjack for all nations and services, it does nothing well.  The Rand Corp did a combat simulation test and concluded:

F35 Can’t Turn, Can’t Climb, Can’t Run

Canada has canceled, Australia is considering do so, Amerika should do the same, so says Donald Trump, 2016 Presidential candidate.


The real problem with the F-35 is imperial malaise, the Amerikan whore nation, pathetic vassal of the racist state of Israel, has lost its moral rudder.  America does not protect freedom, it is a police state destroying nation after nation for evil Israel, the F-35 is a boondoggle in wasteful Pentacon spending.

America and Israel flags

Nobody needs F-35s, the entire War on Terror is a sham, what is needed is a B-61 on Tel Aviv and all worldwide terror would immediately stop.  B-61’s are easy to use, you fly a bomber over Jewlandia and drop it.  Boom, terror problem solved.  One easy to use bomb solve the Jewish supremacy problem for all time.


Unfortunately Trump, if elected, loves Israel.  All US Presidential candidates are Jew whores, pathetic groveling Jew whores unable to confront the Hebrew beast terrorizing the Middle East.  The experts tell us F-35 greatly weakens American air power.  The F-35 is national suicide, but it isn’t the airplanes fault, it is a only a symptom of a nation gone awry.


The real problem with Amerika is not faulty design or program cost overrun – it is a the Jew infestation in the government.  So long as Jews infest the executive office, Congress, and the Pentacon, illegal and immoral wars will continue demoralizing the nation, Amerika will continue making enemies of all nations the Jew hates – which is all nations.

Currently, Amerika is demonizing Russia and China, two nuclear superpowers that could destroy the Hebrew infected nation of Amerika.  Amerika is dying a slow agonizing death of imperial overreach, massive Pentacon spending, no win wars following the 911 Israeli false flag, exponential budget deficits as the nation death spirals into a hundred year Neocon generated depression.

The real problem of the F-35 is never discussed because it is unknown except for a few wise men.  The F-35 is a product of immoral behavior of illegal warfare, criminal political system that is greased by a privately owned central bank, the Federal Reserve bankrolls the exponential debts driving everyone into poverty and creating a desperation for good jobs.


What Amerika is doing to the rest of the world is morally wrong, this uneasy feeling of our behavior has caused a loss of patriotism, lower consciousness, retreat from our own sensible moral compass.  Lockheed Martin designed a weapon system that would never work without huge cash flows and cost-plus overruns.

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is a symbol of the decline of a once great nation that ended with the assassination of JFK. America is now becoming the laughingstock of the world, building hugely over expensive fighter jets that will never see combat.

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